AMA Ask Me Anything – Beyond the Editorial Calendar

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Beyond the Editorial Calendar: Matching Prospects to your Content Strategy


How do we bring life to our editorial calendars?

As marketers we all know that an editorial calendar is key to keeping things organized and flowing for all things content. It is easy to focus on the details of the calendar and lose that personal connection with prospects and customers while planning.

Join us, with your peers, to discuss how we can bring life to our editorial calendars through building strong connection points with our content strategy. It’s all about listening to the needs and voice of our prospects and customers. Together we’ll dig into key questions about how to make each item on our editorial calendar count.


Note: Early Bird Pricing ended on 2/18.


Moderator & Participant: Steve Larkin, CMO @ Lone Star Tangible Assets


  1. Melissa Lambert, Editor in Chief – Systems @ IBM
  2. Clay Langdon, Founder @ Tuner
  3. Lori McDaniel, Content Marketing Manager – Systems @ IBM


A big thanks to IBM for being our sponsor for these events – they are passionate about investing in marketers and so are we!


Date & Location:

February 25th, 2020
7:45am – 9:00am
IBM Austin Campus, 11501 Burnet Road, Building 906, 5th Floor in SXSW Event Room

Parking: Garage or Parking Lot