September Luncheon – Big Marketing Problem #5: The Omni-Channel World – What Is It and Why Is It Important?

By September 15, 2016Luncheons
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The new catchphrase in this always-on, mobile world is omni-channel. But how is omni-channel truly different than multi-channel?  How much do we know about this new omni-channel world, and how important is it?

Bob Fabbio will discuss why the insatiable hunger for choice by today’s consumers makes omni-channel the new marketing imperative, and how conversation has become a “last-mile” game-changer.

You’ll leave with an understanding of:

  1. Why consumer demand for choice makes omni-channel not just a catchphrase, but a business imperative
  2. How conversations are enhancing the consumer experience across all channels and increasing conversion rates
  3. The challenges facing small- to medium-sized businesses in adopting omni-channel, and what it would take to make it more accessible


11:30am – 12pm: Networking
12 – 1pm: Presentation

About the Presenter

Bob Fabbio_headshotFounder/CEO/Chairman, eRelevance Corporation


Widely known as a visionary, Bob Fabbio is a successful serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist.  He has founded and built multiple industry-changing healthcare and technology companies, Including Tivoli Systems, DAZEL Corporation and WhiteGlove Health, by identifying large emerging markets, gaining intimate knowledge of market needs, challenging conventional wisdom, and bringing targeted, innovative solutions to market.  His latest brainchild—eRelevance Corp.—changes the economics and response time of traditional marketing companies and offloads the work marketing automation tools put on small- to medium-sized businesses.