Top 4 tips for the best Behind-the-Scenes video for your brand

A BTS (Behind the Scenes) video can be a fun and informative way to engage audiences in your process, people, or product. While not all businesses are immediately conducive to this kind of video, many can — and do benefit from it.

A BTS video can demonstrate the process your business takes to accomplish its work, highlight the people involved, and then dramatically demonstrate the final product (or happy client).

1. Create a Complete Story

In other words, you need a Beginning, Middle, and End. The example included with this article provided a natural story line: a BTS video of a photo shoot for Texas Monthly Magazine by Austin photographer Randal Ford. If your situation doesn’t have a clear cut chronology, provide context with text slides or narration. As you’re shooting the video ask, “Will this make sense to my audience?”, or, “Do I need to provide additional context?” A finished product makes for a great ending.

2. Quick and Fast Editing is Essential

Most BTS type videos are fast moving and have little or no narration, but rather use a music track that carries the action along. If you have an interesting process, the editing may not need to be as fast. Short videos are best; 90 seconds or less is ideal.

3. Make it 80% Entertainment and Only 20% Marketing

Your main goal is to engage and create interest, so lean towards fun vs. persuasion. Also, what tone are you going to adopt? Light & frivolous? Fun & quirky? Classy & reserved? It’s also important to consider whether that tone will reinforce or clash with your brand identity.

4. Use it to Illustrate a Blog Post

A BTS video can be a great way to add pizzazz to a blog post about a recent project or accolade your company has received. The blog post can provide the meat; the video can be the sizzle.

The last question to ask yourself is whether you want a professional production vs. a do-it-yourself video. Either one has its own set of challenges and opportunities (and costs!), but a clear idea of your purpose and audience will help you determine the best choice for you. Look at these stats from Invodo for more info.

Remember, with some careful planning (or a strong pitch of ideas from a creative firm) most businesses can — and do — benefit from a well-produced behind-the-scenes video. So let your clients and prospects take a peek behind your curtain and see how the magic of your work unfolds for them.

Matthew LemkeMatthew Lemke owns Matthew Lemke Productions, an Austin video production company. Matt has 15 years of experience as a commercial and advertising photographer as well as 5 years working on video production. His attention to detail, easy manner, and high standards have served his client’s needs well during his career.

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