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Pop a Bubble: Suggest a Nonprofit for Austin AMA to Support

By September 26, 2011Giving

By Melanie Brenneman

Pop a bubble!Bubbles stink.

Don’t get me wrong. The dishsoap kind – the ones kids run after and dogs try to chomp down – those are amusing.

The ones I’m referring to are those metaphorical bubbles that act as silos and separate us from the larger perspective. These are the same bubbles that have us convinced that if our comparative infographic on e-discovery solutions and functionality (for example) isn’t complete within 25 minutes the world (our world) will come down in a crashing, squealing, lava-bloody implosion.  Innocent people will die. Children will weep. Puppies will whine and hide under the bed (which will cause more children to weep.)

Bubbles can make us lose perspective and isolate us. So, let’s pop some.

This year, Austin AMA has created a board position that focuses exclusively on community outreach. (Yeah, that’s me and I’m excited as heck. And honored.) Austin AMA has always been focused on helping marketing professionals lead, connect and grow. Now we would like to expand this sphere so that we are also connecting with and supporting our community beyond marketing professionals.

And I need your help to do this, please. This program can’t exist in a bubble and we need your input to make this program successful.

Please complete this survey, which will help the board identify which nonprofit organizations you would like us to support this year.


Here’s a rundown of the chapter’s plans for community outreach this term:

AMA supports non-profits

  • Austin AMA will host two drives to benefit charitable organizations – one in the fall and one in the spring. These drives will consist of donations that are not money, but rather goods. Our first scheduled drive will occur in December, with another drive scheduled for the spring time. At our last luncheon on Sept. 15, we held an impromptu drive for victims of the recent wildfires. All donations (see below for a picture of the wonderful donations from luncheon attendees) were given to the American Red Cross of Central Texas. So, taking this into consideration, I guess we’ll be hosting a total of 2.5 drives this year!
  • The Austin AMA community outreach committee will plan one volunteer opportunity for a local nonprofit organization. Anyone interested in participating will be invited to join us. This will most likely be realized in the form of on-site volunteering – be it sorting donations, building a house or any other sort of supportive opportunity. This will shake out in the spring.

So, help us identify worthy organizations by suggesting some now. We only ask that the nonprofits you recommend are:

  • Based in or servicing Central Texas
  • Are classified as 501 (c)(3)
  • Have been in existence for five or more years

This is just our first year and we’re very cognizant of building a strong foundation for more robust community affair programs in the future. If you have any suggestions, or would like to volunteer for the community outreach committee, email me at melanie.brenneman@gmail.com.

Thanks in advance for your responses and your support of Austin AMA’s community outreach program.

Melanie BrennemanMelanie Brenneman, senior account manager for Edge Legal Marketing,  focuses on creating and measuring results for public relations, marketing, social media, employee and crisis communications.  She was public relations manager for Fortune 500 software provider Open Text, was communications manager for legal technology provider DataCert, and started off life handling editing and sales duties for an international wire distribution service, where she advised on roughly 1,000 press releases each year for public and private corporations.  Melanie is a former board member of the Houston Chapters of the American Marketing Association and the Public Relations Society of America.  You can reach her via Twitter or LinkedIn.