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If you thought membership had its advantages, check out how rewarding it can be to become an AMA Austin volunteer. We’ve got a ton of opportunities for you to help the organization while strengthening your skills and developing an impressive network of like-minded professionals in the Central Texas region.

We’ve got volunteer opportunities in:

Event Planning

AMA Austin hosts many events throughout the year, including networking events, educational workshops, and conferences. Volunteers can help plan these events by coordinating logistics, securing venues and vendors, and promoting the events to members and the community.

Membership Outreach

AMA Austin is always looking to grow its membership base. Volunteers can help by reaching out to potential members, answering questions about the organization, and promoting the benefits of joining.

Communication Support

Looking to sharpen your press release writing skills? Want to beef up your digital portfolio? AMA Austin’s communications team is always looking to assist our local peers with volunteer experiences that will benefit you as much as AMA.

Mentoring Programs

AMA Austin chapter offers a mentoring program for members, pairing experienced marketers with those who are just starting their careers. Volunteers can serve as mentors or help coordinate the program.

DEI Initiatives

AMA Austin is constantly looking to improve for the future and that’s why we’ve outlined a myriad of goals and self-evaluations in our annual forecast. At the top of that list is an investment in our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives and objectives. This  is a great way to get involved and help drive change within the organization.


This is the best opportunity for those looking to take advantage of AMA Austin’s networking capabilities. Put yourself in front of Austin’s top decision-makers by helping us shine a light on the best speakers, agencies and corporate recruiters in Central Texas by looking for new partnership opportunities on behalf of AMA Austin.


AMA Austin is a nonprofit organization, so fundraising is an important part of its operations. Volunteers can help organize fundraising events, reach out to potential donors, and develop strategies to increase donations.

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Get Involved!

To learn about our current needs and see where you’d be the perfect fit, fill out the contact form below, and we’ll be in touch.