American Marketing Association Celebrates its 75th Anniversary

By October 20, 2012AMA, Brand, Events, Marketing

By Priscilla Brave

The American Marketing Association’s progression as a nonprofit organization has been remarkable since it was founded in 1937.  Marketing News recently published an article that highlights over 75 years of marketing history with key milestones for The American Marketing Association (AMA).  This article illustrates the progression of marketing from the birth of brand management in the 1930’s to the introduction of social and green marketing in the 1970’s to integrated marketing communications in the 1990’s.

While the definition of marketing and its core principles haven’t drastically changed, marketing channels and the tools used to better understand our return on investment have evolved.  Austin AMA strives to maintain the momentum of these milestones through continuing education, sharing best practices and facilitating networking opportunities to connect marketing professionals. As a dedicated group of volunteers, we’re honored that AMA has recognized the Austin Chapter with an award of “Leadership Overall Excellence” during 2010 – 2011 and 2012-2013.

AMA Milestones
· 1937: The National Association of Teachers in Marketing and Advertising and the American Marketing Society merged to form the American Marketing Association. Frank R. Coutant was the association’s first president. 
· 1938: The U.S. Census Bureau asked the AMA to help unify the marketing definitions used in all government agencies. The AMA has since issued the definition of marketing for the industry, refreshing it periodically by soliciting input and feedback from a broad cross section of the membership.
· 1946: The four-page Monthly News Bulletin, the predecessor of Marketing News, was published. Membership broke 1500. 
· 1947: AMA’s “first lady,” Marguerite (Julian) Kent, was hired as a first staff member.
· 1948: University of Illinois became the first collegiate chapter. Within months, 22 collegiate chapters were established.
· 1970: The first leadership conference was held; AMA had 18,380 members, 63 professional chapters and 190 collegiate chapters.
·  1972: New AMA “flame of marketing knowledge” logo was adopted.
· 1974: AMA introduced its Chapter Awards Program to recognize outstanding accomplishments. 
· 1994: AMA developed its first online presence with a simple website, known as the Marketing Mix, at
· 1996: AMA hosted its first global marketing leadership conference, with 19 countries represented.
· 2012: AMA expanded its international reach, creating alliances with the Marketing Association of Spain and the Asia Marketing Federation, among others. 


Read the full article for more detail on the history of marketing and AMA.