Why Every CEO, Business Owner & Founder Should Be A Spokesperson

By Ellie Scarborough


I don’t believe that anyone is inherently bad on camera. In fact, I believe that we each have something incredibly valuable to share with the world, we just need the right tools to feel confident and poised while sharing and to know how to speak with purpose and passion.

If you’re a CEO or founder or business owner by title, you need to be the champion of your message above anyone else. Period. And guess what? No one’s suited to do it better. How do I know? I decided to step up as spokesperson after launching a business to help women get over heartbreak in 2010, and the results blew me away. I was on the TODAY Show within a month of launch, sitting across from Kathie Lee & Hoda. Within a year I’d shared my story with The Wall Street Journal, SHAPE magazine, Cosmo radio and The New York Times, to name a few. I also cultivated a loyal following of thousands in just months through online videos.

Now it’s your turn. And here are five reasons why you should start speaking up for your brand right this second:

1. Everyone wants to here the story behind the brand and no one is more suited to share it than you. Simon Sinek calls this your “WHY.” It’s the reason behind your business, it’s why you do what you do. And, if you’re sharing it in an authentic way on camera, it’s your most powerful and compelling part of your brand. It’s what makes people care. It’s what creates loyalty.

2. The celebrity factor. Using video & media to get your message out to the world allows you to form powerful and long-lasting connections with your customers on a MASSIVE scale. I call it the celebrity-factor. Have you ever felt like you knew a favorite celebrity even though you’ve never met them? You can save time AND energy by leveraging the same principles in your business.

3. Becoming the expert in your field gives you instant credibility. And guess what? Media outlets DEPEND on industry personalities & experts like YOU! When you can discuss what you do with confidence, clarity and relevance, you can easily position yourself as the go-to resource. And more publicity equals more money in the bank.

4. Using online video on your website and blog opens the door to a continuously growing online market that is willing to share your message with friends and family. Over 2 BILLION videos are viewed on YouTube everyday! How much is 2 billion? Combine the audience numbers of all three major broadcast networks. Now double it!

5. You can give your cause context. Speaking in media interviews and in online videos allows you to share the core values, beliefs and principles of your brand in a totally unique way. You can answer questions from clients, share insights they wouldn’t necessarily here otherwise, and continue to reiterate your messaging in every on-camera appearance.

Here’s the bottom line: People who master the art of sharing their story on-camera make more money, have more fun and grow bigger empires than their competitors. So what’s holding you back?


About Ellie Scarborough, Founder of Media Bombshell: After reporting on NBC for 7 years and founding a popular online business devoted to helping women get over heartbreak, she developed a unique process for building bombshell brands quickly. Now she works exclusively with visionary business owners who are serious about positively impacting the planet with their passion + moxie + services and who are ready to harness the power of video and media to do it.

Her story has been featured on the TODAY Show, Cosmo radio, in Wall Street Journal, New York Times, SHAPE magazine and many more. By using online video, traditional media and social media, she attracted thousands of loyal fans across the country in a matter of months. Forbes, CNBC, and others have featured her as a video and community expert. She was a featured speaker at Spark and Hustle in Houston in July.

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