Ask Me Anything: Austin AMA Vice President of Community Outreach Priscilla Brave

AMA Austin board member Priscilla BraveIn this series of blog posts titled “Ask Me Anything”, Brave, who has previously volunteered as vice president of special interest groups and vice president of communications for AMA, discusses community outreach, Austin AMA membership benefits and her “day job” as regional events manager for Gerson Lehrman Group.

Q: Why did you begin volunteering for AMA?

A: I became a member of AMA about four years ago to learn more about the latest trends in marketing and to expand my network in Central Texas. A board member for the Austin Chapter asked me if I was interested in volunteering for the Austin Chapter when I attended my first local event, and I’ve been volunteering in different capacities since joining the organization.

Q: How has volunteering benefited you?

A: When collaborating with thought leaders, you often gain valuable experiences and insights that translate into best practices. While these benefits are invaluable, I’ve also been honored to have the opportunity to attend a national Leadership Summit (multiple times), identify and drive chapter initiatives, lead team members and partner with other local organizations. As an added bonus, I’ve also made some wonderful friends over the years!

Q: What’s your plan for community outreach this year?

A: Our Community Outreach program started in 2011 and it’s still gaining momentum. We pursue partnerships with local nonprofit organizations to raise awareness, give back and ultimately support our community. To date, the program has supported several organizations in different capacities including Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, Lights. Camera. Help, Knowability’s 2012 Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) and Dress for Success Austin, but we look forward to exploring and supporting additional organizations in the future. Ultimately, we strive to host an annual signature event or activity, where AMA members join together to support our community. While we include this program on our annual survey to request feedback, people are welcome to reach out to me throughout the year as potential opportunities arise for collaboration.

Q: What’s an AMA member benefit that many may not know about?

A: offers countless resources to learn about the latest developments in marketing, as well as opportunities to connect all over the world. I often focus on the local benefits, but have to remind myself that there are tons of resources available.

Q: What do you hope members take away from their interaction with AMA?

A: I hope AMA meets and exceeds their expectations depending on what they seek to gain from being a member. If not, let us know how we can improve.

Q: What’s the best advice you ever got?

A: Build a solid foundation of knowledge and experience within your industry / profession. But eventually specializing in something you excel at and enjoy.

Q: Tell us about some trends you’re seeing in integrated marketing.

A: Experiential marketing through events – objective and execution varies. It is also interesting to see the shift from in-person to digital to a renewed focus on in-person meetings with integration of digital media to encourage connectivity.

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