I’m Just A Girl… Standing In Front of a Computer… Asking for Quality Marketing Jobs!

It’s that time again, the dreaded moment you decide or are forced to search for new job opportunities and as a marketing professional, the search can be especially daunting. It seems like EVERY job posting has the word marketing in it, returning results for jobs like “Marketing/Customer Service/Retail Representative” and “Sports Minded-Marketing/Advertising” which in reality have nothing whatsoever to do with marketing.

Even more frustrating are the great job postings you find which aren’t located in Austin or the state of Texas, even though you specifically queried for jobs in Austin! I’ve often found myself at the end of my rope asking “where can a girl go to find a quality marketing position when I don’t have 18 hours a day to search through junk job postings?”

Well… the Austin AMA website, www.austinama.org, had a great surprise last week when I logged on!

I rejoined the AMA this year and am so pleased to see how intuitive the Austin chapter is to the specific struggles we have in this market. In the last week, they launched their beautiful new website, complete with a Job Board, easily located under the “Careers” tab on the austinama.org website.

The site is skillfully designed with ease of use in mind and thankfully free from all the clutter of other job sites. Finally, a job board just for Austin marketers! There is also a bright red “Post Your Resume” button where you can submit a resume and allow local employers to search for you. Imagine, instead of spending hours searching, you could have job opportunities come to you!

If you are already an AMA Member, you don’t even have to enter any additional information – log into the site using your AMA login credentials. It’s quick and easy!

I don’t know about you but as more and more people move into the Austin area, it’s only going to get more difficult to stand out in the “marketing crowd” with potential employers. However, being an AMA member and utilizing this marketing specific job board might just give you the leg up you need to beat out your competition.

Check out our job board with over 1,900 jobs currently posted. Before you know it, the “job” of finding a job could be over soon!

kaleyKaley Russell has spent the last 8 years in media and healthcare sales. In early 2014, she decided to leave sales and refocus her career on marketing. As a way to update her skills, Kaley is currently pursuing a dual Masters in Marketing/PR and New Media and Internet Marketing. In her spare time, Kaley enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Ross and dog Brie, volunteering with both the Technology and Communications committees for the Austin AMA and learning to blog! Connect with Kaley through her personal blog and Twitter.