Five Questions for Catherine Jewell, The Career Passion Coach®

Five Questions Catherine Jewell - Career and Leadership Coach

Are you in the middle of a job search, or just feeling the drag in your current 9 to 5? Catherine Jewell, The Career Passion Coach®, has some advice about what it takes to pull ahead in this tough job market and how to find what inspires you.

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1. Job searching has fundamentally changed—in many cases your candidacy for a particular role is funneled through an algorithmic maze long before you get to state your case face-to-face. Considering our competitive Austin market, what is the most important “current” tactic you believe job seekers should employ?

Since you folks are marketers, I know you can be bold. Believe it or not, I believe telephoning your future boss is the best way to make an impression. Figuring out who your future boss is—that’s a marketing challenge.

2. What is your favorite blog or resource for marketing news, industry insights or just plain old inspiration?

I like The Daily Flame – Messages from Your Inner Pilot Light. It’s like having a message from Source, encouraging you every day.

3. Talk about the day that you decided to go into leadership training and career coaching. What was the catalyst that sparked you to change careers?

I was 29 years old, and Account Executive for Young & Rubicam Advertising. I was presenting a co-op advertising program to promote Iowa tourism to a room full of small business owners. It was electric. I knew I was home.

4. So, how do you know you’ve found the right career niche? Alternatively, how do you know when your role is NOT the right one?

Not being in the right career feels like you are swimming upstream or slogging through mud. Every little thing is a hassle. When your career is right, you feel on top of your work, you’re pleased with yourself, and you can’t believe how EASY your work is.

5. What’s the most helpful skill or trait one must have during a career transition?

Optimism and boldness.

When Catherine is not busy with one-on-one coaching and speaking engagements, you may find her at BJ’s with a berry mojito in her hands. To reach out to Catherine, find her on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and

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