Meet Austin AMA’s Volunteer of the Year: Matthew Lemke

Austin AMA Volunteer of the Year Matthew Lemke

If you’ve attended an event with the Austin AMA, you’ve probably seen Matthew Lemke. A man of many hats, Matthew has volunteered in membership and events capacities since he joined the AMA in 2009 — but maybe what he’s most known for is as the guy behind the camera. As photography sponsor, Matthew Lemke captures many of the AMA Austin’s events, takes headshots of the board members and captures members’ testimonials through his exceptional video work.

In recognition of his ample services to the Austin AMA, Matt was recently recognized as our Volunteer of the Year at the Marketing Jam 2015. It was a recognition well-deserved, said Susan Andrus, previous president of the Austin AMA:

“What makes this guy so incredibly fantastic is that there is no member of the Austin AMA family who doesn’t call him a friend,” she said at the Marketing Jam in June 2015. “He greets all of us with hugs, handshakes and hello’s whenever we see him. He’s always down to grab coffee or lunch to discuss marketing initiatives, whether it be for AMA or each of our businesses. And our VOY can be seen at most of our events, whether he’s scheduled to shoot them or not. Because of him and volunteers like him, you always know you will know someone when you come to an Austin AMA event.”

We caught up with Matt to learn a little more about the man behind those amazing Austin AMA images:

Where are you from originally, and when/how did you get to Austin?

I grew up in Santiago, Chile until I was about 10, then moved to El Paso, where my parents still live. I moved to Austin in 1987 to attend UT and never left!

What is your volunteer role and when did you start getting involved?

I started volunteering as soon as I joined AMA in April 2009, on the membership committee. I went on to serve two years as the VP of Membership.

What is your day job?

I am a commercial photographer and video producer.

Photo gallery by Austin Photographer Matthew Lemke,

When and why did you join the AMA?

Quite simply to promote my business. Along the way I’ve made some great relationships and learned a lot about marketing!

What (or who) is your favorite marketing blog or thought leader?

Well honestly, the AMA events (luncheons, SIGs, etc.) are my main source of marketing info. Otherwise, I focus on photography-specific news sources.

What is the one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?

Brené Brown’s book, Daring Greatly. That and Tacodeli’s doña hot sauce; it’ll remind you that you’re alive.

You’ve got a free afternoon in Austin. Where do you go?

I would go mountain biking, either at Walnut Creek Park or Brushy Creek Park, possibly the Greenbelt.

Describe yourself in one word:

Trustworthy. If I could just nail down “Clean” and “Reverent” I could be a Boy Scout again!

You can find Matthew on his website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.

Matthew Lemke, Matthew Lemke Productions