Little Known Mobile SEO Facts

Today’s guest post is by Dustin Sparks, CEO of Total Strategic Solutions and a mobile technology mobile site & mobile strategy expert.

Did you know that Google has a separate index for mobile content?

If your site isn’t mobile optimized, it is not indexed, and you are saying “goodbye” to opportunities before you even let them knock.

Week by week since Nov/Dec 2010 Mobile traffic INCREASED on every single site I looked at.  BUT the abandonment rate for sites that do NOT have a Mobile version or at least a mobile optimized landing page was at or over 75%?!

So – when a user searched for and found OR typed a URL into the mobile device and found the site, if they landed on a site that was NOT a mobile site, the visitor left without even entering the site, usually within 2-5 seconds!

Just because a site shows up on a mobile phone sadly does not mean it’s mobile optimized 🙁

To add insult to injury – Google currently has separate indexes for both traditional web content and mobile content. If you have added your mobile site to Google’s mobile index, you should generally have a better chance at showing up in search results than a site without a mobile version (all things being equal).

With less competition than Google’s primary index, now is a great time to develop a mobile site and add it to Google’s mobile index.

On another note, these two separate indexes should alleviate any concerns of possible duplicate content issues.

Dustin Sparks is the CEO of Total Strategic Solutions a leader in the SMB mobile marketing space, assuming the roles of entrepreneur, volunteer & speaker.  Mr. Sparks founded has implemented & consulted on mobile strategies, sites, and applications for Cabelas, Golfsmith, Freescale, AppliedMicro and many Small/Medium businesses.

In addition to his industry and volunteer roles, Mr. Sparks is a contributing author on various Mobile Blogs, and is co-author of a soon to be released Mobile & Emerging Marketing All-in-One For Dummies, mini-book on mobile marketing. In addition, he has authored over 30 articles on mobile marketing and is an accomplished public speaker on the topic.

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