5 Great Tools to Reference When Creating Your Global Marketing Strategy

Global Marketing

Taking a business into new international markets is challenging for even the most experienced marketing professionals and entrepreneurs. Great tools that quickly put key information in front of you are vital while identifying regions with the greatest potential for revenue growth.

The five tools outlined below will aide you information to make an informed decision regarding which markets are interested in your product, how and where to reach them, guidelines and considerations for moving into a new region, and extensive background details and data for each target region.

Business Case Builder

The Business Case Builder is a map-based tool which allows you to select multiple countries to a report and see aggregated information including internet population and key languages, as well as search and social market share. BCB quickly provides details on market potential, as well as key search and social platforms for any country or group of countries you wish to target.

Check out this example of a report for BRIC countries.

Google Global Market Finder

Google Global Market Finder is a free, online application that identifies markets where selected keywords rate highest by incorporating Google Search data, Google Translate keyword translation, and AdWords keyword bid and competition. Data acquired from GMF allows you to compare cost of new customer acquisition with your product margins, thus enabling you to determine which markets may be a good investment for your business.

Consumer Barometer

The Consumer Barometer provides a number of questions in regards to what devices people use, where they shop, and what they view. For each questions, you can filter responses by country, various demographics, product categories, context of most recent video watched, and internet usage.

21 Elements of International Marketing

The 21 Elements of International Marketing are best practice guides outlining the most suitable approaches to global marketing. A selection of topics includes search, social, market intelligence, public relations, domain selection, and systems infrastructure. Each guide includes global examples, tools, tips, and key takeaways.

The World Factbook

The World Factbook is your place for all the details and metrics for 267 world entities that relate to government, economy, geography, history, communications, and transnational issues—plus an extensive selection of maps.

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