On Marketing Craft Spirits: 4 Questions, 4 Answers

Marketing Craft Spirits: Q&A

As a hotbed for entrepreneurism, a laid-back attitude and an appreciation for local goods, it’s no wonder that Austin’s distillery scene has grown as much as it has.

Not even counting the craft breweries, wineries or cideries, there are 80 craft spirit brands that call Texas home—with 18 of them right here in the Austin area, says Lamar Romero, Chief Executive Dragon of Dragon Spirits Marketing and Promotion and moderator for the Austin AMA Distillery Panel on Nov. 19th.

What’s it like to market these burgeoning brands? We caught up with Lamar to learn more. And don’t forget to register for the Nov. 19 happy hour panel, Craft Spirits: A Conversation with Austin Area Distillers, at Casa Chapala to join in on the full conversation of making booze in the ATX.

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What’s something most Austinites might not know about the distillery industry right here in the ATX?

What are some of the most unique (and fun) ways that craft spirits marketing is maybe different than other industries’ marketing?

As a marketer who works specifically with craft spirits, you really seem to have an awesome job! How did you break into that niche?

It seems like distilled spirits has absolutely exploded in Austin lately. Is that true? If so, why do you think that is?

[button color=”accent-color” hover_text_color_override=”#fff” size=”large” url=”https://austinama.org/events/craft-spirits-a-conversation-with-austin-area-distillers/” text=”Register today for A Conversation with Austin Area Distillers on November 19th!” color_override=”” image=”steadysets-icon-checkmark”] [divider line_type=”Full Width Line” custom_height=”15″] Lamar Romero is Chief Executive Dragon at Dragon Spirits Marketing & Promotion. Headquartered in Austin, Dragon Spirits Marketing is a master broker and elite marketing firm for artisanal distilled spirits and other unique beverages for the state of Texas. During a tequila sipping session with his wife Laura, the pair decided to help market a brand a new tequila in the Austin market. Under their guidance, this tequila became the #1 premium selling tequila in 2012 (in the Austin area). Lamar and Laura founded Dragon Spirits Marketing in 2013 leveraging their technology and sales experiences to help small, artisanal, high quality distilled spirits, wine, and beer become love and discovered in the state of Texas.

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