Get to Know Kathryn Krol, Our February Volunteer of the Month

Kathryn Krol, Austin AMA Volunteer

Kathryn Krol

Marketing & Business Development Manager, Trimtastic
Volunteer of the Month, February 2016

Where did you grow up?

Munster, Indiana

What is your volunteer role?

I am a part of the technology committee, which is responsible for Austin AMA’s social media activity. In particular, I post content for our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

What is your day job?

I am learning that as I go. I recently left a position at Texas A&M University in Marketing Communications to accept the challenge of helping form a high-end trim carpentry, installation and design company here in Austin. This new company is a merging of three entities, and I am functioning both as a business development advisor and the marketing director as I am developing the new company’s marketing program from start to finish (if there is such a thing). I love it. Helping companies transition to the next level is my specialty.

Why did you join the AMA?

I wanted to network with a variety of marketing professionals who were not only serious about their craft but came from a range of companies, businesses, backgrounds and skillsets. I joined Austin AMA while still living in College Station because I liked the energy that came through its own marketing. Now that I have been a part of Austin AMA, I believe Austin has a lot of marketing talent that it hasn’t even begun to fully utilize. I wouldn’t be surprised to find Austin leading industry-wide marketing trends at some point in the future.

What (or who) is your favorite marketing blog or thought leader?

Lately, I have fallen in love with HubSpot. It’s my go-to site because it features smart blogs from a variety of marketers and has an eye on marketing industry news, tips and information—all with a visually appealing aesthetic and a light sense of humor.

What is the one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?

All I can say is that the year 2015 was one huge inspiration. So many changes and forward moves occurred that I have no problem believing 2016 will be even better. In other words, I guess it’s easier to say ‘change’.

Describe yourself in one word:

Bold (but I still hate public speaking).

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