Get to Know Robynne Trifiletti, Our March Volunteer of the Month

Robynne Trifiletti

Robynne Trifiletti

Freelance Graphic Designer
Volunteer of the Month, March 2016

Where did you grow up?

San Antonio, TX, Cape Canaveral, FL and Baltimore, MD.

What is your volunteer role?

Organizing the monthly Marketing Mornings Meetup.

What is your day job?

Freelance graphic designer

Why did you join the AMA?

I worked in event marketing for several years, and although my primary focus these days is design, I still recognize the importance of marketing and design collaboration in business. Being a part of AMA allows me to get to know local professionals and keep up to date with the latest industry trends.

What (or who) is your favorite marketing blog or thought leader?

I don’t really follow any marketing blogs, although I’m a big fan of Medium. I do have a few favorite creative leaders that I idolize and draw inspiration from daily: Emily McDowell, Anna Bond, Tina Roth Eisenberg and Ashley Rose. Check them out and be amazed!

What is the one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?

Adult coloring books. I’ve always loved to color and draw, so this is one of my new favorite trends.

Describe yourself in one word:


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