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AJ has been actively involved in the Technology Committee as a graphic designer, social media manager, and most recently, our newest blog manager.   We sat down with her last month to get to know more about her.

Where did you grow up?

“I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and spent summers in the City with my mother.  I will always call Chicago home!”

What is your volunteer role?

“Currently, I provide graphic design and social media management services and recently have taken on the role of the Austin Chapter’s Blog Manager.”

What is your day job?

“I work as a Senior Marketing Coordinator for a full-service architectural and engineering firm, CP&Y, Inc. where I focus on branding, communications, and proposal creation for a variety of public sector projects.”

Why did you join the AMA?

“I find that the AMA brings talent and skill sets from all over the world of marketing.  It helps me to keep current on trends and technology that I can bring back to CP&Y to help move my company forward.”

What (or who) is your favorite marketing blog or thought leader?

“It’s hard to nail down just one.  Here are some of my favorite follows:

  • Richard Branson (Virgin) – His brand advocacy and philosophy of leadership is really inspiring.
  • Pete Cashmore ( – Pete has an ambitious nature that is contagious.  I admire all that he has accomplished already!
  • Bill Gates (Microsoft) – I have a great respect for someone who gives the way he and his wife do.  It takes a lot to stay grounded when you are that high up!”

What is the one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?

“My work and my peers.  CP&Y is an amazing company to work for and the people in this firm are the hardest workers I’ve met yet!  Every day I have new challenges that push my boundaries and that is exciting for me.”

Describe yourself in one word:  



AJ currently serves as a Senior Marketing Coordinator for CP&Y, Inc., a full-service architectural and engineering firm celebrating 36 years in business.  Her main focus for the firm is branding and communications.  In this role, AJ facilitates messaging for a number of corporate channels as well as graphic design services for external and internal clients.  AJ also works with her talented marketing team to develop and design high-quality project proposals for public sector pursuits across all service groups within the firm.

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