Get to Know Heather Dunn. Our December Volunteer of the Month!

member-spotlight-graphic-02Where did you grow up?  

“A little bit of East Texas, South Carolina, a dose of northern Alabama, and ended up graduating high school from Plano, Texas.  Lived in Spain in college. But Austin has always been home to me.”

What is your volunteer role? 

“I’m on two committees… the Membership and Events team where I find local coffee shops to host our monthly Marketing Mornings the first Wednesday of each month, and where I am helping find great locations for upcoming happy hours. And, I am also on the Tech team where I manage the social media for a week each month on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. It’s been great!”

What is your day job?

“I’m currently looking for my next role, but I was previously the Digital Marketing Manager for an e-commerce startup within a large worldwide filtration company; I do project management, sales enablement, digital marketing, communications, content marketing, channel partner marketing and product marketing. I love working with data to support the creative!”

Why did you join the AMA?

“I joined to meet local marketers and friends, to find out what other people do every day in their own marketing roles and what’s going on in the industry, and to get involved in the volunteer committees so I could do things outside of my normal job responsibilities.”

What (or who) is your favorite marketing blog or thought leader?

“I read a lot of them! But I always pay attention to the AMA posts of course, and Mashable, Hubspot, Moz… And Medium always introduces me to interesting stories and news that I may not have found otherwise. And I like Lean In.”

What is the one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?

“I’m inspired by the people that love their jobs… But, I admire and am inspired by the dedication of the volunteers and fosters at Austin Pets Alive, where I am also a volunteer and foster. They spend so many hours each week  caring for the animals, walking, training, and loving them one on one, bringing them into their homes for short get-aways to give them breaks from the kennel craziness to document the great positive sides of the critters that people can’t see in a crazy shelter environment, and doing thousands of loads of laundry to help keep the animals comfortable and warm.

Describe yourself in one word: 


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