Get to Know Katie Stewart! Member Spotlight for Our October Volunteer of the Month!

Get to Know Katie Stewart! 

We’ve been so busy with AMA events and the holiday season that we are getting caught up on our amazing member volunteers.  Read more about this Chicago native and media agency director that we are showcasing for our monthly Austin AMA Member Spotlight.

Where do you call home?

“I grew up in the Chicago suburbs and moved to Austin from Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood three years ago.”

What is your volunteer role for the Austin AMA?

“I help with luncheon event logistics as part of the Programming Committee.”

What is your day job?

“I am the Account Service Director at KSM South Media Agency.”

Why are you a part of the Austin AMA?

“I joined the AMA to connect with like-minded Marketers throughout the Austin area and beyond.” 

What (or who) is your favorite marketing blog or thought leader?

“As a media research geek, I have a hard time selecting just one. I read MediaPost, AdWeek, Marketing News and updates from the 4A’s religiously. I am also slightly obsessed with eMarketer’s daily newsletter.  Their charts are super easy to digest and provide at least one great nugget of learning each day.”

What is the one thing you’ve been inspired by lately?

“I am inspired by the constant evolution and intertwining of technology and media.  This industry never slows down. It keeps me motivated and energized.” 

Describe yourself in one word: 


Connect with Katie! 

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Special thanks to Mama Fu’s for donating gifts given to our VOMs.  Interested in volunteering for Austin AMA? Email: to get started.

Have a story?  E-mail your submission to AJ West.

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