[VIDEO]: How to Submit Blog Posts to Google for Fast Indexing!

submit blog post to google


by Jacob Smedley

What is the Google Search Console Used for?

(video transcript)

Hey everyone, I’m Jacob Smedley; I’m an SEO blogger and social media manager and I work on the technology committee with American Marketing Association’s Austin, Texas chapter.
Today, I’m going to demonstrate how to manually submit your blog posts directly to Google using Google’s Search Console. The search console is a webmaster tool, but anyone can to use it if you take some time to learn about it. The basic purpose served by the search console is to tell Google that your site exists or that it has been updated. This is an easy way to get your blog posts to show up (or to “index”) on Google faster.

Submitting Blog Posts to Google for Fast Indexing

So, I’ll go ahead and show you how to do this as if you have already connected the search console to your website. If you have NOT yet connected the search console to your website, don’t worry – I’ll demonstrate how to connect it to your website in this video as well.

  1. Select your website
  2. “Crawl” menu
  3. “Fetch as Google”
  4. Paste blog’s URL
  5. “Fetch” and “Request Indexing”

blog posts search console

Connecting Your Website to the Search Console for the First Time

If you haven’t connected your website to the search console yet, I’ll show you 3 easy ways to get it connected – or “verified”.

Methods demonstrated:

  1. Yoast verification
  2. Domain login
  3. Paste code into header.php

Getting your Company Blog Up-to-Snuff

I hope that I was able to answer any questions that you had going into this video. But please feel free to ask me anything in the comments – or to email me (jsmed95@gmail.com). I really enjoy using LinkedIn, and I’d love to connect with y’all there. The link to my Linkedin profile and my email address are in the description of this video.

Also, follow AMA Austin on LinkedIn – lots of useful stuff being posted there.

I know that consistent blogging with SEO requires a significant amount of time, so for many companies, it’s hard to keep one going. If you would like to have consistent, SEO-friendly blog content written for your company’s website, contact me by email (jsmed95@gmail.com) or through LinkedIn and I’d be happy to give you an affordable quote.

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