A Word from AMA Austin’s 2018 President-Elect, Angela Brutsche

AMA Austin board meeting 2018
Angela Brutsche AMA Austin

by Angela Brutsche. Connect with her on LinkedIn!

Gearing up for another great year at AMA Austin, the dedicated volunteers who make our local marketing community shine gathered on Saturday, June 16 to chart out plans for the year. We were grateful to include former AMA Austin president and national AMA chair elect Stacy Armijo for our planning session. Stacy has been an advocate for AMA and a great mentor for many of our members. You know how some people energize you? The volunteers at AMA are amazing, and this is definitely a group that inspires me. I’m very excited about working with such a phenomenal team!

AMA Austin’s 2018 and Moving Forward

This year, AMA Austin is focusing on “Being the Key” to helping our members and our organization succeed. AMA aims to be an essential community for marketing professionals, and we’ll work hard to bring you new opportunities to advance your knowledge and your network this year. Our plans for the year include:

  • Delivering increased member value through consistent, high-quality programming and communications content
  • Developing great membership experiences and encouraging increased member involvement and participation
  • Expanding our partnership with AMA collegiate chapters

Develop Your Skills and Learn from Fellow Austin Marketers

We have some exciting programs lined up for the year ahead. Our marketing programs are designed to share strategies that can help you become a more effective marketing professional. These programs also provide an opportunity to get connected with a great marketing network. Additionally, we hope to bring even greater value to your membership in AMA. We would love your help! We’re currently seeking volunteers who can contribute to making a difference in our membership experience and membership communications efforts. If you’d like to expand your network, grow your leadership skills and get a close view of what innovative companies in the Austin area are doing to successfully market their businesses, we invite you to join our team.

New July Events and Austin AMA Social Media 

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Remember, on Thursday, July 19, Evan Carroll will speak on Big Data, Analytics and Infosense: Using Technology to Drive Customer Loyalty and Advocacy.

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