Emaan is a results-driven marketing executive with a solid track record of developing and executing multi-channel marketing campaigns and promotional strategies. With over 20 years of marketing experience, Emaan relocated to Austin, TX to be closer to family and enjoy amazing tacos and BBQ. He is currently volunteering for the Austin American Marketing Association (AMA) chapter as their director of engagement, and one-on-one collegiate mentor for AMA university members. 

We had a chance to sit down with Emaan and find out a little more about him:

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in two places. Fort Collins, CO, where I learned about walking to school in the snow. I can actually use this on my son one day! I can’t wait. And Baton Rouge, LA where my Dad became a “full” professor of veterinary medicine at LSU’s Vet School. So, naturally growing up in Tiger-town, I became a huge Tiger fan and graduated from LSU in Journalism and
Advertising. Louisiana’s culture is so unique that I always recommend friends and family to visit and hit a festival. They don’t disappoint. Laissez les bons temps rouler!! Oh, and since LSU is currently #1 in NCAA college football rankings – GEAUX TIGERS!

What is your volunteer role?

I am the director of membership engagement. I’m helping the Austin Chapter recruit and retain its members. Basically I call people and tell them how awesome the AMA Austin Chapter is! 😀 There’s also email campaigns by segments and engaging with members and prospects at events. I also mentor soon-to-be college graduates. Wow, I get to shape a mind that’s coming into the market, sorry Cole! ;D In all seriousness, this part of my role is one of the most rewarding. I wish I had someone guide me into marketing when I was a senior in college. If you have the opportunity to help do it. You’ll be glad you did, and the student you mentor will be better
prepared for their new career.

What is your day job?

I am currently in the hunt for my next adventure. And as a results-driven marketing executive, I have a solid track record of developing multi-channel marketing campaigns to grow business competitive markets, i.e. Austin. I’m going to take my skills as a marketing director with LSU, Sirius XM Radio, and creative department lead with Verizon Connect, and apply them to a great company here in Austin. Stay tuned!

How did you get involved in the AMA?

I’ve been a member of the AMA for years on and off. At first, just as an addition to my resume. When I moved to Austin last year I attended a few events and realized that the Austin Chapter is a great way to network and really get involved with a group of like minded people. So I decided to get involved by volunteering and helping out anyway I can. It’s a hoot! Morning coffees with members that become friends, contacts, and have the ability to help move your career forward. GEAUX for it, join. (“GEAUX” is how we spell “go” in Louisiana, it’s a thing.)

Name three of your must-read blogs or sites for industry news:

I really comb a few sites for info, my current favs are:
● (old fav)
● (The goods!)
● (trends)
● (the DAILY RUNDOWN is a quick, great source for what’s happening in business overall)

You’ve got a free afternoon in Austin. Where do you go?

Are you kidding?! Tacos and Beer. I’d map out my favorite places to hit for craft beer and tacos, and probably end up at Lazarus Brewing Co. since they have both and a great cup of Jo. I homebrew beer, so moving to Austin with its craft beer and food scene was such a bonus for me. See you at a brewery!

Describe yourself in one word:


Outside of work you’ll find Emaan coaching his son’s Little League baseball team, homebrewing beer, cooking new things he finds online and traveling with his family.

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