Our New Board Year Is Underway

July marks the start of a new board year for the Austin chapter of the American Marketing Association. The chapter kicks off a new year after an intense spring of prior year review and planning for the new one.

Chapter members vote on the composition of the non-paid board. We are excited to announce this new year’s board members:

Executive Board

President                                 Jennifer Miller

President-Elect                       Brad Moore

Chief Administrative Officer   Victoria Weber

Chief Finance Officer              Steve Larkin

Treasurer                                Aaron Friedman

Leadership Team

Member Experience VP          Emaan Abdelbaki

Event Operations VP               Sara Breuer

Communications Co-VP           Don Roedner

Communications Co-VP           Virginia Case

Strategic Partnerships VP        Joel Bush

We are particularly excited to have Jennifer Miller assume the role of chapter president. Our outgoing president, Michelle Vrudhula, did an outstanding job expanding and amplifying Austin AMA’s place among Central Texas marketers from all industries. Jennifer is determined to see the chapter’s influence grow significantly at a time of economic and community headwinds.

This is Jennifer in her own words:

“Marketers face a lot of challenges today, and one of the things I value most about the AMA is the sense of community we foster. We are here to lead, connect and grow Austin marketers by challenging them with unique and impactful experiences and resources. There are a lot of new and engaging ways we are looking at to make this impact and provide a strong and resourceful haven for our marketers this year.”

During the planning for the 2020-2021 term, the board coalesced around the strategic theme of “Grow”. On one level, it’s obvious that we want the chapter to grow its membership and its revenue to better to serve that membership. But the theme also addresses the chapter’s determination to have a greater philanthropic impact on the region, to acknowledge and promote outstanding area marketers, and to become integral in diversity, equity and inclusion for the Austin community.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on what your AMA chapter is doing. We’d love to hear any of your suggestions about events or content or services we could be providing. And it’s a great time to become an AMA member. If you’re interested, go to the Membership tab on the Austin Chapter website.

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