Celebrating Meghan Williams – Volunteer of the Quarter

Can I grab your ear to share a little bit about an #AMAzing volunteer we have here on our Austin AMA crew?

Meghan Williams was nominated by her Austin AMA peers as our Volunteer of the Quarter. We all agree that she went above and beyond to make this first quarter of our board year flourish. She’s our Communications Director for the Book Club series that we do quarterly and has been integral with making these events impactful and collaborative for the marketing community. Each quarter is a different book and we’ve had the pleasure of engaging with the Authors of the books to join us. Going virtual this year has had it’s challenges, but Meghan stepped up and collaborated with the rest of our Book Club crew (shout out to Alex Stoeffl!) to make these events even better.

“I’m excited to see how this series grows and I hope to really build out a strong and engaging communications strategy to match!”

– Meghan Williams

Being a part of AMA means different things to everyone. Some people join to network. Some people love the resources and digging into new content regularly. Meghan shared that she has really valued being a part of a unique group of marketers in a variety of fields and industries so she’s able to get a lot of different perspectives on things she’s thinking about or working on.

“Everyone in the chapter is well-connected in the community and everyone is super willing to introduce you to someone who may help you.”

– Meghan Williams

Meghan is a story-teller. Her passion is being able to take information and get it to people. It’s in the process of getting to know a product or business and then helping connect people with new knowledge or expanding their scope understanding that she finds her enjoyment.

“It’s exciting to see how many ways information can be shared and absorbed. It allows you to be really creative and reach a lot of people.”

– Meghan Williams

Everybody Writes by Ann Handley is a book that has really impacted Meghan during her story-telling mission. The book breaks down the process of writing and makes it approachable for anyone; even people who may hate writing. Another unique writing book she’s been enjoying is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott – it’s a unique mix between memoir and how to write.

So, Meghan, what advice would you give other marketers out there?

“Stay engaged and always be curious. Though the core of marketing might stay the same, the field is constantly evolving and there’s always something new to learn or try–and there’s always someone new to learn from (whether more experienced or new to the profession). I’m curious by nature and love learning, so this comes naturally for me, but it’s a great field to be in where you get to absorb lots of information on tons of different topics and find ways to connect it and share with others.”

Meghan Williams

So there’s a challenge for you today – stay engaged and always be curious.

Our Austin AMA community is a fun bunch. Being a part of the organization gives us all a chance to further our skills and meet some amazing people. We have some openings on our committees if you are interested in jumping in more like Meghan has. Feel free to reach out to Brad Moore if you’re interested in volunteering – brad@austinama.org.

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