Let’s Hear It For Vicki McCullough, AMA Austin’s Volunteer Of The Quarter

2021 in Austin is off to an eventful start, so let’s take a beat, catch our breath, and put our hands together for our first Volunteer of the Quarter this year! Vicki McCullough, who is President of Sequitur Marketing, LLC. in her day job, does triple-duty as a member of Austin AMA’s Member Experience Committee, an active chapter mentor, and Director of Judging for our budding awards program this board year.

We’ve certainly benefitted from her dedication and willingness to wear so many hats, so this recognition comes as no surprise. As an integral part of the membership engagement strategies and initiatives and that earned the chapter recognition in AMA’s Chapter Excellence Award, she may just be the first welcoming voice you heard as a new chapter member! So how about a formal introduction?

As marketing professionals, each of us has a “why” — our reason for being drawn to the field, what we love about the profession, and what makes us tick at work. For Vicki, it’s all about the behind-the-scenes strategy that evolves into a winning campaign:

“I am passionate about being intentional, not random. Understanding the ‘why’ — the goals and strategies — behind marketing decisions and what tactics and actions we can take to get there.”

We also all have reasons for seeking out the fantastic community that Austin AMA provides. For Vicki, those reasons are rooted in the ways we can learn from one another and leverage those lessons into continued growth.

“The Austin AMA community offers so many opportunities to be challenged and learn, and to share with other marketers.”

Knowing that, it’s no surprise that Vicki refers to the experience of working with two mentees in Austin AMA’s mentorship program as yet another fantastic way to learn.

For budding marketers, fellow mentees, and legacy members alike, Vicki recommends the book BRAG! The Art Of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It by Peggy Klaus and calls it “an excellent primer/refresher on how to tell your success story honestly, with ease, and without alienating others.”

So, Vicki, what advice would you give other marketers out there?

“Do it (marketing)! Then work to do it better.”

Photo by Austin headshots photographer Matthew Lemke, www.MatthewLemke.com. Austin Corporate headshot, Austin professional headshots.
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