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Our Mission and Values

At Austin AMA, our mission is to connect like-minded individuals, foster knowledge share, provide resources, and support marketing practice through thought leadership in Central Texas.

Our chapter values include:

Empowerment:  Providing opportunities for professionals to drive change.

Commitment:  Being a part of something with a greater purpose and a supportive environment where the team has each other’s backs.

Cultivation:  Diving into challenging opportunities to always keep growing and improving.

Diversity:  Investing in the unique and talented community to drive change and awareness.

Fun:  Taking advantage of every opportunity to release joy and encouragement to the community.


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Austin's Marketing Association

What It Means To Join
Austin AMA

Austin AMA isn’t just coffee and happy hours. We provide a place for marketers built by marketers where they can flourish in their personal and professional lives. 

At Austin AMA, we lead with inspiring engagement, connect by fostering meaningful relationships, and grow through collaboration, training, and innovation. 

Interested? We’re interested in you, too. 

Our Board of Directors

Jennifer Miller
Christie Post
Co-President Elect
Emaan Abdelbaki
Co-President Elect; Vice President Member Experience
Michelle Vrudhula
Past President
Brad Moore
Chief Strategy Officer
Victoria Weber
Chief Administrative Officer
Steve Larkin
Chief Financial Officer
Aaron Friedman
Sara Breuer
Vice President Event Operations
Leigh Choate
Vice President Strategic Partnerships
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Jennifer Miller

President Elect

Jennifer grew up in California and married her high school sweetheart. They both have a deep love for the mountains. The magical and fresh smell of pine trees and snow will always be one of their favorite memories. Since moving to Austin, they have fallen in love with the people, beauty, and BBQ.

People and processes are a deep passion for Jennifer. She loves building paths between people’s strengths and making processes personalized and productive. Through her years as a marketing professional, she has built marketing and sales teams from the ground up, guiding new strategies and growth in several companies. Marketing automation, paid advertising, lead generation, technology integration and optimization, SEO, content engagement, social media, etc. are all vital areas that Jennifer has maximized for companies. The most impactful elements of marketing are unique ideas from the people behind these channels making a company thrive and grow. These people are what has moved her to dive into building reliable and robust marketing teams as well as being heavily involved in the local American Marketing Association (AMA) Board. Marketers are a fun bunch, and being able to work closely with many marketers in Austin as President of the 2020 AMA Board is a great joy of hers. Investing in each other is what makes everything we do better. As Seth Godin puts it, “Marketing is driven by better. Better service, better community, better outcomes. Each of us is a marketer, and each of us has the ability to make more change than we imagined.”

  • Jennifer grew up playing the piano and pretty much loves any music where piano comes to life.
  • Organization is somewhat of an obsession. If you find Jennifer at a bookstore, you will likely see her alphabetizing and organizing the shelves as she peruses the books.
  • Purple is her favorite color. If you doubt how much she likes it check out the number of purple pens she has.