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Lunch & Learn Webinars

The AMA Austin Lunch & Learn Series offers a collection of lunchtime webinars designed to elevate marketing skills across various domains. These 1-hour sessions are perfectly timed to fit into your lunch break, providing a convenient opportunity to learn about the latest tips, trends, and technologies in marketing. 


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July 18th, 2024 @ Noon

071824 Aaron Templer - Lunch & Learn

Marketers have long had their hands on the levers of social media in organizations, and have biased business leaders into a way of thinking about online social constructs that, according to research, actually stands in contrast to the way social networks generate value. The better way is through building social capital—not with better marketing communications skills, but with stronger leadership acumen. Leading in a Social World shows you how, and in the process opens new avenues for marketers to hone their social capital skills in any setting—digital or in-person.

The research from Aaron Templer's seven-time award winning book is clear: Social capital enhances knowledge sharing in social groups, not marketing. The connections and flow of information is facilitated by social capital, and the leadership acumen required to build it is learnable - if we're willing to strip away our marketing biases.

In this 1-hr virtual luncheon, you will learn how to:

  1. Elevate your approach: Learn how to use leadership acumen to build communities who give back to you, your brand, and your cause.
  2. Shed biases: When it comes to building committed digital communities around a brand or cause, social media marketing data shows suspect results at best, brand-damaging results at worst.
  3. Learn a better way: Learn why some brands are successfully motivating others within social networks (and how they're doing it).
  4. Mind-shift to digital social: Socially distanced workforces and other remote communities are our reality.Embrace it with social capital skills, not technical capital skills.
  5. Manage better marketing: Whether you’re managing in-house teams or agencies, social media marketing can be a huge resource suck without substantive ROI. Learn why, and where those social media

Meet the Speaker

7-18 Headshot I Aaron Templer

Aaron Templer

Aaron Templer
Founder + Strategist, Three Over Four
Having studied music, English lit, and earned an MBA, Aaron Templer is an unapologetic eclectic pursuing professional and intellectual interests at the intersection of strategy, creativity, brand, influence, and leadership. His career spans nearly 30 years, culminating in the founding of Three Over Four, a full service brand strategy and digital marketing agency enjoying its 16th year. Aaron is a professional instructor for the American Marketing Association (AMA), where he also volunteered on a national advisory council ultimately serving as President. The AMA awarded Aaron a lifetime membership for “fearlessly leading, adapting, and creating change through a truly unprecedented time.” Aaron published his first book, Leading in a Social World, in 2001. It is a seven-time award winner and, as one review put it, “turns our perception of social media marketing on its head.” Aaron is an active speaker, has taught as an adjunct professor, and is a leadership consultant, building and delivering programs that empower teams and individuals to realize the power of social capital. Aaron is also an active world percussion hobbyist and composer of rhythms. He is the live music director for the Indian (South Asian) dance troupe Mudra Dance Studio, where he is co-producing and co-directing an all-original production to premier in 2025. Some call him the Gora Dhol Wallah.

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