Annual or Monthly Packages

Annual or Monthly Packages

Personalized visibility across Austin AMA’s digital marketing channels focused on your goals and needs.
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Event Sponsor

Event Sponsorship

High visibility for, and direct participation in, an Austin AMA in-person or online event.
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In-Kind Sponsor

In-Kind Sponsorship

Customized levels of duration, visibility and participation.
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Local Marketers Need Your Products And Services

Sponsorship grants you access to thousands of marketers in Austin through events, social media, email, and the AMA website.

Be a part of a local chapter recognized by the national AMA organization that provides resources and advances careers for marketers. 

Invest in Austin’s marketers, and your business. 

"Not only did my AMA workshop gain exposure for our company locally, but it also served as a springboard for us to collaborate with other AMA chapters around the country!"
Luke Goetting
Puffingston Presentations


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We put on live events almost every week. So authoritative and compelling presenters – like you – are in constant demand. That’s why we make it ridiculously easy for you to share your expertise and insights.

What’s in it for you? A chance to get in front of the best and brightest of Austin’s marketing talent.  

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