You see these lists all the time, right? They can be anything from the 50 leading marketers under 50 to the top power marketers in a specific industry. But not just any marketer can join this list. Its members consistently display commitment, innovation and a startling passion for marketing.

They’re Austin AMA volunteers.

Let’s get something straight right off the bat: Volunteering for Austin AMA isn’t glamorous. No one gets paid and while the organization is financially healthy, we have tight budgets. Instead of taking selfies with Barack, Austin AMA volunteers are creating and scheduling emails, checking registrations, scouting for sponsors and scouring analytics. (Heck, I’ve had days where I’ve finalized strategic growth documents and then alphabetized nametags.)

But Austin AMA volunteers consistently contribute their time and efforts in order to deliver on the organization’s mission to help Central Texas marketers lead, connect and grow. They are very serious about the organization and its members.

As president of the chapter, I am deeply grateful and awed by their commitment.

Why do they do it? The answer varies according to which volunteer you speak with. However, the ones that often bubble to the top are professional development, creating stronger ties with the local marketing community, expanding networks and just plain having fun.

I personally have been volunteering for AMA for more than a decade now. As a result of volunteering, I’ve not only added a wide array of skills and insights to my work arsenal but have also been privileged to become friends with truly smart people that always provide fresh perspectives and thought-provoking insights – all volunteers.

Volunteering for Austin AMA can be “job” that doesn’t always get the full recognition it deserves amongst members or guests. Let’s change that.

As this week is National Volunteer Week, I’d like to invite everyone to leave a comment on this blog post thanking Austin AMA volunteers for their contributions, sharing times when a volunteer has helped you or even just listing what some of your favorite Austin AMA activities are. Let’s share the love!

If you’d like to join this elite group of marketers, I invite you to visit our volunteer information page or email

Austin AMA volunteers: Thank you for all that you do. This organization cannot exist without you!